Shift your mindset, increase positivity and discover a greater connection with yourself.


Complete your reflections 👋

Daylitude sends you nudges to complete two reflections each day – one in the morning, and one in the evening.

Each reflection takes 30 seconds where you answer three simple questions in a curated and zen-like experience.

You can choose when you’d like to receive nudges (either by text or email).


Review your week 🤔

At the end of the week, you receive a weekly summary email which contains all your key learnings, memorable experiences and things you would do differently.

Delivered to you via email at a time that best suits you
Shows highlights and amazing things that happened

Visualize your data 🚀

In your Daylitude account, you can track, visualize and explore your reflections.

Track your moods over the week, month or year
Visualize how your feeling and explore your key experiences

Monitor your progress 🗓️

You can review in the calendar and see your reflections each month.

The emotions and tagged keywords make it easy to go back to specific experiences
Understand your moods and feelings over time to learn about yourself

Join thousands of people around the world using Daylitude to reflect on their experiences and be their best self