How Arianna Huffington thrives on self-reflection

Arianna Huffington seems to have gotten a handle on self-reflection, gratitude and how it can help you to Thrive Globally.

How Jeff Weiner thinks strategically and plans proactively

Though Jeff Weiner was a professional victor in every way, his habit of self-reflection, to help people connect and move towards self-development, sets him apart.

Robin Sharma’s path of self-reflection and selling Ferraris

Robin Sharma is all about how simplicity and self-reflection can profoundly churn the wheels of self-development.

How Joseph Gordon-Levitt took control of his career

Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s Self Reflection practice Joseph Gordon-Levitt, the renowned actor, takes to the journal as an important part of his growth and success. Through his transformation from actor to director, he’s gone through various phases of journaling for self-reflection when

How journaling helped Sheryl Sandberg lean in

Although Sheryl Sandberg has seen the best of times as well as the worst of times in her life, her self-reflection and journaling have helped her to stay on in the path towards self-development.

How Richard Branson Paved His Way To Success

Richard Branson, globe-trotting adventurer and serial entrepreneur, sets an example of how journaling can take you to success when sprinkled with just the right amount of self-development and self-reflection.

How Oprah starts her day

From humble beginnings, Oprah Winfrey rose to become a media mogul through introspection and self-reflective journaling.

How Tim Ferriss improves his effectiveness

Tim Ferriss, a modern motivational author and speaker, is able to reach out and teach millions to journal through wise and insightful tips on self-reflection and self-development.

How Obama clarifies his thoughts

Barack Obama uses daily self-reflection to improve his decision-making skills. He keeps a journal with his thoughts, actions, and what he can do better tomorrow.

Why Tony Robbins believes your life is worth recording

Tony Robbins, the super-successful motivational speaker and writer, gives you insight into how writing, recording and self-reflection can make you successful.

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