How Joseph Gordon-Levitt took control of his career

Joseph Gordon-Levitt, the renowned actor, takes to the journal as an important part of his growth and success.

Through his transformation from actor to director, he’s gone through various phases of journaling for self-reflection when working through the challenges of life.

A Future Media Mogul

The star American was born in Los Angeles in 1981, and was featured in TV commercials and movies since he was four.

Today, he’s an actor, director and producer with an estimated net worth of $35 million.

After the hit NBC sitcom “3rd Rock From The Sun”, Joseph Gordon-Levitt became a leading male film star, who has co-starred with Leonardo Dicaprio, Christian Bale and Bruce Willis.

Today, he is not only an actor of his times, but expected to become a media mogul in the future after his launch of collaborative platform called HITrecord.

How Joseph Gordon-Levitt keeps his journal?

Self-reflection is vital to his introspection, growth and evolution. It is something he just does and takes for granted.

As he once wrote as a children’s writer: “Your heart has a little empty corner. You won’t even know I’m there — I’ll be very quiet”.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt - writing in a journal more or less

Reflecting on the internet

Self-reflection was important to Joseph Gordon-Levitt even when he was a child, as he became aware of technology’s immense role.

When he first came across the Internet, he thought: This is amazing, this is great! It’s going to be so positive for all of us to have access to knowledge, culture, history, science and connection to each other.

Acknowledging that he had been on a successful TV show when he was young, Gordon-Levitt understood that he was lucky he did not have to base his decisions on money.

However, after moving away from commerce, it was art and self-reflection that took him to the next level.

How self reflection helped his success?

Understanding the interactive power of the journal and technology, Joseph Gordon-Levitt got so involved in making videos, cutting and putting them together that he would stay up late, edit, experiment, sing and experiment.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt - responsibility for creative outlet.

Self-reflection spurred him to reach towards greater and greater heights, making him remember the positive things, the warm and bright images and experiences with whatever it is that you lost.

It has helped him climb from being a consumer of technology to its creator and distributor.

He later said on hindsight that the low moments of his life spurred him to reach out to the highest.

Pushing through challenges

Joseph Gordon-Levitt got so involved in experimenting with technology that he stopped writing conventional essays and dropped out of school. But that was not as big a challenge as the painful moment when he quit acting to join college.

When he tried to get back to acting he couldn’t get a role, which made the experience quite traumatic.

That was quite a challenge but it helped to make him explore new avenues – reflecting that he needed to be in control of his success.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt - you want to express yourself

Launching HitRECord

Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s eye is on the future, and his collaboratively produced variety show called HitRECord has dished out more than $2 million to online network creators.

Through self-reflection and his constant friend, the journal, he understood that it is not possible to ignore money while building art.

As he put it, there are very artful ways to fund the big, amazing, cool, creative projects you want to do. HitRECord is a for-profit company with a purpose, he admits.

He is excited about the new media, which he notes is a space where there’s less of a wall between artists and audience.

He recognizes that for those who are passionate about creativity surviving into the 21st century, there should be tremendous creativity about not just the content, but the form.

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